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The Cerebral Palsy Toolkit

When your child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it can dramatically alter the life you imagined for your child and your family. Caring for a child with cerebral palsy requires significant time and energy, and it can take a toll on your family’s finances. This guide can help you find support, cope with the changes, and explore ways to set your child on a path to a bright future.

Phone: (800) 827-0829

Equipment and Supply Swap

Check out these items that are being offered to our families by other members of the Playmakers community

California State Council on Developmental Disabilities

SCDD is an independent state agency to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and supports they need.


If you are a parent raising a child with special needs who requires constant supervision, you may be eligible to receive financial benefits.


Access Services is a public transit agency dedicated to providing quality transportation services for people with disabilities in Los Angeles County.

Phone: (888) 944-4477 

Support Groups

Parents of Children with Spina Bifida

Facebook group: "United by Spina Bifida"

Facebook group: "Living with Spina Bifida"

Facebook group: "Spina Bifida Parents Association"

Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Facebook group: "Cerebral Palsy Support Group"

Facebook group: "Cerebral Palsy Parents Information Group"

Parents of Children with Arthrogryposis

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc.

Facebook group: "The Arthrogryposis Group"

Facebook group: "ARTHROGRYPOSIS"

* Playmakers has no formal relationship with any of these groups and cannot vouch for any statements and/or beliefs that may be expressed. We urge each person to be open-minded but appropriately cautious about statements that may not be based on medical evidence.

Health & Wellness

Seizure First Aid

How to help someone having a seizure. Provided courtesy of Epilepsy Foundation of Los Angeles.

Helpline: (800) 564-0445 


Dedicated to providing high quality based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to families throughout Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Los Angeles County.

Phone: (714) 831-1295

Autism Spectrum Consultants

Offer exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis services

See website for locations

Children's Dental Health Clinic and Orthodontic Clinic

The Children’s Dental Health Clinic is a non-profit comprehensive dental home and teaching program housed on the campus of the Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital.

Partners for Pediatric Vision

 Partners for Pediatric Vision is a non-profit organization that offers vision education and support to families who have questions about how to help their child with visual impairment by phone, video and telehealth calls.

Phone: (323) 612-8185

Disabilities Rights California

Disability Rights California (DRC) defends, advances, and strengthens the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities.

Phone: (800) 776-746

TTY: (800) 719-5798

Recreational Programs

RAD Camp

RAD (Rising Above Disabilities) camp offers awesome programs and camps for adults and children with developmental disabilities, much-deserved respite for their caregivers, and a life-changing volunteer experience for the local community.

Phone: (949) 387-5219 

So Cal Trykers

As a chapter of AMBUCS, So Cal Trykers volunteer & fundraise to help families obtain adaptive tricycles

Phone: (714) 356-4475

Adaptive Tennis Clinics & Camps

A youth-led nonprofit organization and growing tennis program created for children with intellectual or developmental differences who are between the ages 8-17.

See website for locations

U.S. Adaptive Recreation Center Programs

The United States Adaptive Recreation Center is committed to guiding people with disabilities toward the creation and affirmation of rewarding lifestyles by through their summer and winter programs.

Phone: (909) 584-0269 

Mixed Miracle Arts

Mixed Miracle Arts teaches self-defense to those that need it the most. Our special needs miracles.

Phone: (714) 356-4475

The Painted Turtle
a seriousfun camp

The Painted Turtle is more than a camp, it's a place where children with serious medical conditions can just be kids. Totally Free of Charge.

Other Fun Stuff

Icing Smiles

Icing Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. 

Phone: (561) 593-8314

A Future Superhero & Friends

Provide essential supportive services, emergency services, and diversion to animals, houseless, veterans, elderly, men, women, disabled, ill, and children.

Phone: (562) 605-1421

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