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Player/Volunteer Media Authorization and Release


I hereby grant to Playmakers Inc., its officers, employees, and agents, service providers and assigns (collectively referred to herein as “PLAYMAKERS”) permission to use, adapt, modify, reproduce, create derivative works, distribute, publicly perform and display, in any form now known or later developed, my player’s/volunteer’s image or visual likeness, name and/or voice, as well as writing, creations and artwork created by my player/volunteer, throughout the world, by incorporating  it or them into publications, catalogues, brochures, books, magazines, photo exhibits, motion pictures, videos, web pages, and/or other media or commercial, informational, educational, training, advertising, recruiting or promotional materials relating thereto using any means, method or media which PLAYMAKERS deems appropriate in its sole discretion and that they may be used with or without my or my player’s/volunteer’s name or with a fictitious name and with fictitious or accurate biographical information. The possibility of publicity is good and valuable consideration for my signature below.


I make this grant of rights with the understanding that no compensation will be paid to me or my player/volunteer for such grant. I understand and agree that all right, title and interest, including copyrights, in the materials created by PLAYMAKERS pursuant to this agreement are the exclusive property of PLAYMAKERS and that I will obtain no rights in such materials. I also understand that PLAYMAKERS is not actually required to use my player’s/volunteer’s name, photograph, likeness, image, voice, signature, writing, creations or artwork in any way.


I hereby waive any right that I or my player/volunteer may have to inspect or approve any photograph, likeness, image, video, audio recording, creation or derivative work thereof made pursuant to this Player/Volunteer Media Authorization and Release. I understand that under California law individuals have the legal right to control the use of their names, likenesses and images and I hereby release all such rights and hold harmless PLAYMAKERS, its agents, licensees, and assignees from, and will neither sue nor bring any proceeding against any such parties for any liability, whether now known or arising hereafter, resulting from or arising in connection with the exercise of such parties’ rights pursuant to this agreement.


I have read the above agreement and fully understand its contents. I represent and warrant that I am at least 18 years of age, that I have the right to contract in my player’s/volunteer’s name, and that neither I nor my player/volunteer has any pre-existing obligation that may restrict or limit my ability to sign this Player/Volunteer Media Authorization and Release.


This Player/Volunteer Media Authorization and Release will be governed by the laws of the State of California and represents the final and exclusive agreement between PLAYMAKERS and myself on this subject.


I warrant that I am the legal guardian of the minor being photographed or whose likeness and/or creations will appear in photograph(s) or other media as designed by PLAYMAKERS and agree to the above.


I give my consent and agree to the terms above:

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